Barry Callebaut Hendersonville Warehouse Facility Wins National Award

Hendersonville, NC – The Barry Callebaut Hendersonville Warehouse Facility, built by Cooper Construction Company of Hendersonville, NC, has been recognized by Varco Pruden Buildings, one of the nation’s largest building-solutions providers. Varco Pruden is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc., and has a network of more than 1,000 builders across the United States and Canada.

The highly competitive Hall of Fame Awards are presented annually to the independent authorized VP builders whose work reflects innovation and excellence though the integration of VP building systems, products, architectural appearance, end use and design. The projects include a range of industrial, commercial, retail and municipal projects.

The Barry Callebaut Hendersonville Warehouse Facility, built by Cooper Construction and designed by the Tamara Peacock Company was selected as a Warehouse Category winner in the annual awards. Barry Callebaut Hendersonville Warehouse Facility distributes their Mona Lisa Brand fine chocolate products worldwide to bakeries, hotels & restaurants. Their cups and decorations are produced using the highest quality, all natural chocolate. The 66,000 square foot chocolate production and warehouse facility is located in Hendersonville, NC. The new 25,000 square foot warehouse addition consists of a nearly 40' tall structure for high pile storage, 12 geothermal wells, receiving docks, LED lighting and a skyliner roof insulation system.

Mona Lisa Brand chocolate cups and decorations are comprised of a variety of innovative fine chocolate products which are distributed worldwide. Founded in 1987 in Salinas, California, the Mona Lisa Brand was acquired in 2012 by Barry Callebaut, the global chocolate leader. Their unique range of products are found in many segments within the food industry including in-store bakeries, hotels, restaurants and industrial commissary bakeries. All of their cups and decorations are produced using only the finest quality chocolate.

“The Hall of Fame awards provide an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate and recognize exceptional builders. These winners reflect the broad scope of capabilities and variety of end-use possibilities for buildings constructed by our builder network. VP builders consistently produce incredible results for their clients,” said Chuck Haslebacher, president of Varco Pruden.


Mona Lisa, Barry Callebaut

Pictured from Left: Trey Ford of Cooper Construction Company, Tamara Peacock of the Tamara Peacock Company, Marc Garrett and Sanjive Kapur of Barry Callebaut

Mona Lisa Foods, Barry Callebaut, Cooper Construction Company

Mona Lisa Foods, Barry Callebaut, Cooper Construction Company

Mona Lisa Foods, Barry Callebaut, Cooper Construction Company

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